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'There are snakes in the Kirya, vipers in the Knesset and cobras in the cabinet'
Amira Lam
Published: 03.05.17, 23:26
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1. self righetous know it all ...folds lke a cheap suit when it
Al   (05.04.17)
suits him.

Look at his history especially at the disaster in 2005 when he couldn't muster a word as to the expulsion.

Take you pension travel the world eat all the tinif out there and be done with it.

You bring nothing to the table but hubris
2. THANKS Moshe for the DIRTY truth about Rightist Regime.
ironbutterfly ,   israel   (05.04.17)
Generations of israelis have been raised with hatred to arabs, according to the Likud's dirty supremacist doctrine.
YES, Liberian and Bennet are two biggest snakes who are the foundation of the apartheid regime in Palestine.
3. One thing "Bogie" should've acknowledged(and it would be OK)
: that sometime/somewhere along the way, he went from a being a Likudnik to being a Leftist. People change, ideas change: it's all good, then his critique would be more trustworthy....
4. The sad face of Israeli politics
Disillusioned   (05.04.17)
All those who do a bad job junking all the others who do a bad job.

Yaalon turned out to be very much the snake himself, constantly doing his best to run down all the others.

It's beyond belief that the nation has got so desperate for change that it rushes to support anyone who offers him/her self as another potential saviour. Yet what did he do to show that he has the leadership and skill to be one? He messed up on the last war. Messed up on the tunnels. He has zero appeal and has been using his time since being dismissed to rant non stop about the unfairness of it all.

If that's all the life he has left in him, better that he stays at home counting worry beads.
5. wants to replace bialik on money?
richard sherwin ,   herzliyah   (05.04.17)
well he's clearly got poetic talent. he ought to know, he vipered & cobra'd with the best... you dont get to minister of defense without some mongoosery. kirya, knesset, & kabinet.... Israel's KKK? As for Azaria, he was one of the rush-to-public-judgment guys.... so.... why blame right-ists? or people? or...
6. Go with Herzog, Barack,Livni, Margalit, Avoda is your place!
mira ,   poleg   (05.04.17)
we like Avoda! Take Ganz too.-
7. moshe ya'alon
tomer ,   jerusalem   (05.04.17)
Dear Moshe,

respect and "chapeau" for your "straightness" amidst our corrupt and
self-serving government members (a few exception though). Its time
to bring back the likud to be likud .And if it is not possible to do so
from within the likud than from outside. Sharon set the example. We deserve
better than what we got now. A well centered,national democratic middle with a strong vision,strong deterrance and strong values.
Go your way ,you are one of those who still give us hope .We need it and deserve it.
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