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Remembering Gilad through song
Dror Amir
Published: 01.05.17, 13:53
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1. In my opinion Mrs.Nini has removed herself from any list
that has Israeli patriots, living or fallen ones. Still anyone can choose according to their heart.
2. beautiful tribute for the son of an amazing woman
Jew-C ,   Israel   (05.01.17)
Yael, heebook memani. (Yael a hug from me)
I remember your long time ago discourse on the modern meaning of the Akadat Yitzhak (the sacrifice of Isaac) for an art history class we shared at Hebrew U.
3. nini-
odedy ,   ny   (05.01.17)
tinofet , nevela , israel hater kurva!
4. TBer 1: Shanda! and on Memorial Day no less!
Colibri ,   Israel   (05.01.17)
If you have nothing nice to quiet!
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