Paradigm shift on a two-state solution
Moshe Dann
Published: 04.05.17, 23:42
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1. at least
naaaahhheeelll ,   kalandia   (05.05.17)
who iam ??if you can not aske the god ..if you can not aske the history ..if you can not aske the land .please aske me at least
2. Let us call it East Bank option
SG ,   Riga   (05.05.17)
What about East Bank option?
3. Humanitarian Regional Solution to the Conflict
Marjorie S Rosenfeld ,   Plano   (05.05.17)
I have commented over and over at various sites that there's already a Palestinian State, and it's name is Jordan. However, would Abdullah welcome an added influx of Palestinian Arabs to Jordan? This is not at all likely under present circumstances. The best plan I have seen, although the time for it may not be propitious, is Martin Sherman's plan to fund Arabs to leave Judea and Samaria. You can read about this plan at:


Palestinian Arabs bringing money with them to Arab countries would be much more welcome than Palestinian Arab refugees without funds. And Palestinian Arabs relocating should have a choice of where to go.

4. This solves half the problem
Steve Benassi ,   Minneapolis USA   (05.05.17)
Arabs will be still too close to Jews.

Move all Arabs to Mecca to stabilize the Middle East.
5. As long as there's no additional ARAB state on Israeli soil
I'm fine with any idea.....
FO ,   Belgium   (05.05.17)
The first time a proposal that makes sense, historically and conform to International Law.
FO ,   Belgium   (05.05.17)
Finally, and the first time a proposal that makes sense historically and conform to International Law. A proposal that PM's late father, Benzion Netanyahu would, I suppose, have applauded.
8. deja vu?
BAB ,   Jerusalem   (05.05.17)
West Bank goes to Jordan, maybe Gaza goes to Egypt. Hmmmm. It's beginning to sound familiar.
9. Peace-Prosperity
mike mazursky ,   richmond   (05.05.17)
Perfect idea, I have agreed w this for years, Pump up Trans-Jordan-security and enterprise, can be a model for muslim modern countries
10. Jordan is occupied Arab-Palestine.
Jake   (05.05.17)
That is a fact. Israel need not humiliate itself negotiating with mass murderers. Israel must only point to Amman and demand that it become a Democracy like Israel.

Jordan + Democracy = Palestine

We will not give away our ancient heartland when victory is so close.
11. Jordan is Jordan and Palestine is Palestine
ali ,   nablus   (05.06.17)
12. Hallelujah!
BBB   (05.07.17)
Now, if only this is made the law! Jordan IS the perfect home for the palestinians.
13. So Desperate to hold onto the land
Ed ,   usa   (05.07.17)
that a fantasy of justification for ethnic cleansing? Tell the Pals you can stay if you have no vote and no say in your future?

If you want the Palestinian people who currently live west of the river to be Jordanians, then Jordan would have asked for the land back as part of their peace treaty. That ship has sailed. This author desperately wants to cleanse the land of millions of inhabitants and retain some pretense of moral character.
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