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Why didn’t Israel strike in Iran? Ehud Barak explains
Nahum Barnea
Published: 07.05.17, 00:10
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1. Important interview.
Dr. Susan Goodman ,   Jerusalem   (05.07.17)
Interesting and insightful.
2. We've dodged the bullet with this one! Imagine that insanePM
winning another term? (talking about Ehud Barak, of course) That would've been the end of "Zionist Experiment" and I guess we'd have to wait for another 1800+ years (and few Holocausts on the way) for History to repeat itself... How dare he even show his face/ write "opinions" about anything?! What a monstrous zilch & traitor!
3. The only explanation I want to hear in connection with this
nonentity is: why isn't Barak sitting behind bars?
4. What are you waiting for, world war 4?
BUILD BABY BUILD !!   (05.07.17)
Strike while you can.
Waiting isn't a victory.
G-d chose Israel.
5. Imbecile Barnea realizes no one agrees with his nonsense
Steve Benassi ,   Minneapolis USA   (05.08.17)
therefore he enlists a failed PM to try another angle at destroying Israel
6. Solving this issue is easy
Albert Einstein Jr ,   Berlin   (05.16.17)
Israel needs to annex Area C. Area B and A would have autonomy, joining Jordan in a confederation in a near future.
Gaza will be an independent State.
Don´t negotiate, just do it.

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