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Meet the old-new head of Hamas: 'Not suicide bombings, but martyrdom operations'
Elior Levy & AP
Published: 07.05.17, 08:41
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1. Who cares! It is all the same story all over again.
Iranian Jew ,   LALA LAND   (05.07.17)
Nothing will change. He will keep his people from making peace in exchange for money And guns. Israel will let leave side by side of ISIS. Sisi offered this idiot the entire Saini to make a Pali state and he refused. What does this tell you? There's guys just want to keep their own poor so they can have a reason to receive money.
Robert ,   Israel   (05.07.17)
Haniyeh is a victorys' dreamer. Even when he and his poeople come out from the different wars with their broken rears. Perhaps he might consider himself a winner for being still alive.
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