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An inside look into 'sexual orientation conversion therapy'
Adir Yanko
Published: 08.05.17, 21:44
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1. Mengele would be proud of this Karten
TC   (05.09.17)
... And of course the Health ministry is dragging its feet.
2. what an embarasment
Gady ,   Mexico   (05.09.17)
As a psychiatrist myself, I beg you, no to to go out of your cave spreading your nonsense and make all of the rest of us look stupid.
3. Give the man a Bells
Sholem ,   Dolev   (05.09.17)
As humans, we have free will. We are not simply animals who run on instinct. One can choose to kill, choose to blow things up, choose to have Anal interiors with other men, choose to have incestuous relations etconr cars also choose to do good, one can choose to marry a woman and have children, or if one so chooses, one could simply live a single lifestyle and refrain from sexual activities altogether. To claim that one has to have Anal interiors with other men, and can't control it is simply ridiculous
4. That's his daytime activity,at night he turns lead into gold
5. What is this Psychs 'cure rate?' 3% or less?
BUIDL BABY BUILD !!   (05.09.17)
As far as I know and my gay friend told me,
he thought that the hormones in the body somehow got scrambled and hence the 'gay gene' for lack of a better word.
I loved this friend gay or not, he was one of the greatest friends one could ask for.
Sex has nothing to do with integrity.
6. # 2 Gady, Mexico
BUILD BABY BUILD !!   (05.09.17)
One need not dwell in caves to help you look stupid.
Currently many Psychs are 'opining' on President Trumps sanity and, without ever having him as a patient.
So, who's nuts here? Not Trump, he's won at every game he's played.
Psychs have a red hot 3% cure rate, or, none at all.
One of the Mayo Brother once said "I'm so sick of psychiatric terms for sin."
He knew more than you dear Gady.
A grand way to make a living and scam your patients while justifying your ignoble existence. Take two aspirins and call me in the morning.
7. Take his licence
DSM ,   USA   (05.13.17)
Karten is either an idiot or a scammer or both. Gays and lesbians are born that way and nothing will change that orientation.
8. Wait a minute, the man's a genius: he has carved a niche &
guaranteed income, from the gullible and/or desperate people, who have hard time facing their god-given sexual orientation. It's a marketing trick, he has no competition!
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