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A trailblazer for women in the army: 'IDF chief? Maybe when I'm 47'
Etti Abramov
Published: 15.05.17, 23:39
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1. Batsheva warned King Lemuel (Solomon) not to give his streng
Rivkah   (05.16.17)
strength to women. The word strength in that Proverbs chapter 31 verse means "army, defenses, fortifications." PM Golda Meir is a good example of why. When in 1967 it looked like Israel was going to be destroyed, all she could do was to cry and tell President Nixon she was going to kill herself. As a child, President Nixon was trained by his mother to love Israel that was not yet a nation again at that time. She told him, "Someday you are going to be very powerful and Israel will need you to help them. Help them." It was a man who saved Israel, not the female PM. President Nixon assigned the US military to defend Israel.
2. Remember Judith?
BUILD BABY BUILD!!   (05.16.17)
She not only cut off the head of the opposing philistine general, she helped win an important battle.
My kind of gal.
Nice you can find almost any scripture to justify your argument.
Thanks dear Lord.
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