Report: Trump's information leak endangers life of Israeli spy in ISIS
Published: 17.05.17, 10:23
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1. Nobody in ISIS would have know until
MadDad ,   Johannesburg RSA   (05.17.17)
the news media published this.
Maybe CNN can contact ISIS and help them look?
2. essential question: who leaked to the media and why
C   (05.17.17)
that person(s) should be found and prosecuted.

why is the media so irresponsible in its reporting.
in their attempt to destroy trump, they are endangering the national
interest of the united states and its allies.
3. rumor mongering
steve s   (05.18.17)
What an example of bad journalism ........ using other media outlets as sources. ABC News makes unsubstantiated claims ...... and YNet repeats it. CNN offers claims without disclosing where their information came from ....... and YNet repeats it. Without sources it is just gossip ........ and YNet repeats it.
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