Settler shoots Palestinian dead as rioters attack his car
Elisha Ben Kimon, Elior Levy, Yoav Zitun
Published: 18.05.17, 18:31
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1. Why not kill all 200 after his car windshield was smashed?
Steve Benassi ,   Minneapolis USA   (05.18.17)
2. Moataz Hussein Taya
Andy ,   Paris   (05.18.17)
is not "a victim", he is the attacker. That he got shot during his attack doesn't make him a victim. The victim is the driver of the car. World upside down & and moral compass broken!
3. "Beware that, when fighting monsters, you yourself do not
F. W. Nietzsche ,   city   (05.18.17)
become a monster... for when you gaze long into the abyss. The abyss gazes also into you.”

4. Correct title: "ISRAELI shoots Palestinian rioter..."
David ,   Hartford USA   (05.18.17)
5. Remember David and Goliath?
BUILD BABY BUILD !!   (05.18.17)
David, killed Goliath with one stone shot from a sling.
This time, David had a gun.
One less stone pal throwing ape idiot to worry about.
Be sure and take your loaded gun while driving through 'ape country.'
Good for the settler, all the land belongs to Israel.
6. Ambulance blocking the car!!??
Michael ,   Haifa   (05.18.17)
Can't think of anything that defines the difference in cultures between "Palestinians" and Israelis than this. An ambulance the symbol of mercy, compassion and assistance, used in an act of terror. The driver of the ambulance should be the one who took that bullet.
7. Caption error
ik ,   USA   (05.18.17)
Why is the victim a "settler"? Is he not really an Israeli CITIZEN?
8. attempted lynch
annie ,   jerusalem   (05.18.17)
They WERE about to be lynched ,what do U think ! The guy panicked and fire to defend his life .,I do not approve of settlements but this has nothing to do with settlements.He just wanted to go home after buying goods at Rami Levy's supermarket .I am glad he and his wife were not hurt .
9. photographer participating in the lynch mob
david ,   new york   (05.18.17)
10. "The victim Moataz Hussein Taya"
david ,   new york   (05.18.17)
who's writing these articles that they describe a lynch mob terrorist as a "victim"??
11. Not SETTLERS!!!! Israeli citizen!
Vivian ,   Israel   (05.18.17)
He wasn't a settler, he is an israeli citizen that pays taxes and diserves protection like someone in Tel Aviv. israeli reporters siding with palestinians calling them settlers are worst than the arabs trying to destroy us!
12. This need to happen till the rioting stops
Chaim ,   Israel   (05.18.17)
This is a clear cut case of an Israeli citizen defending himself against murderous "Palestinian" terrorists. This needs to happen till the rioting stops. It is high time "Palestinians" were made to pay for their murderous crimes.
13. Shooting back at attackers
Michael Rhodes ,   nj usa   (05.18.17)
14. "background history"?
lawyer   (05.24.18)
what "background history" is a justification to try and harm/kill someone?
there is no excuse (except for saving lives) to harm another person. for some reason it's ok to try and kill Jews but not ok if they try to save themselves.
does everyone think that trowing rocks/boulders isn't life threatening?
15. Taya is no victim.
Brad ,   USA   (05.25.18)
He was a terrorist who wrote a check he obviously couldn't cash. So, now he's a dead terrorist, and good riddance. The Israeli citizen, (that's right, citizen not settler) who shot Taya did the world a favor.
16. Animals getting what they deserve
BigGilThe Lad ,   LONDON   (05.26.18)
Unbelievable that anyone could think these animals are normal. Rioting and behaving in this insane and aggressive way, they come up against an armed Israeli and get neutralised.

When will the Palestinians start behaving peacefully and stop going crazy, foaming and violent? Maybe if they did, these things wouldn't happen? Just a thought...
17. Play stupid games win stupid prizes!
Brian ,   Wisconsin, USA   (05.26.18)
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