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Caricature in Norway equates circumcision with pedophilia
Itamar Eichner
Published: 18.05.17, 21:28
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It's no skin off my nose.....
2. Mr
John Levy ,   London   (05.18.17)
I'm Jewish background and have no religious belief whatsoever. Can someone religious explain why if God wanted Jewish males to be circumcised he didn't make them like that. Was Adam in the garden of Eden circumcised? Who by?
3. read detailed explanation
moshe ,   tel aviv   (05.19.17)

4. To be fair: in the deepest sense this IS funny, since ALL
religion invoke Higher, Unseen Daddy as the Author of their often barbaric/strange/unnecessary/ridiculous practices. Still, this attacks Jews only. Pure, simple antisemitic outburst of the Leftist Zombies Inc.
5. Seen from Norway
Anne Kielland ,   Oslo   (05.19.17)
I'm puzzled by this take on the cartoon. It depicts the Jew and the Muslim as two decent people confronted with ugly ignorance. Here in Norway this ignorance is reprecented by the Progress party, which is basically strongly anti-muslim. Proposing to forbid circumcicion was ment to targeted the Muslims. But the Mosaic society here are much stronger debators, so they took over the policy debate. Not what the Progress Party had prepared for.
6. Norwegian hate
Martin ,   Huntingdon UK   (05.19.17)
Even with a more empathic government towards Israel, the establishment elitists still demonise the Jews and delegitimise Israel/Zionism.
This is the country where Peres, Beilin etc met with avoved extreme leftwingers in political circles, news media etc to augment the ill fatede anti-Israel document called the Oslo Peace Process..
The Norwegians concerned met and were friends of Arafat and had called for the destruction of Israel to be replaced wiuth a secular democratic state of Palestine..
Why the full detail;s of the Norwegians were never released is because the Israeli public would have known that they were being stitched up.. Look up the names of thosde involved. Not one was pro Israel. Things have not changed that much today.
Kashrut was forbidden before the Nazi German invasiion and the deportationm on board the SS Donau leading to Auschwitz is fully documented. norway is on par with Sweden when it comes to Israel.
I do not understand Israeli mentality in having diplomatic relations with either country
7. The Oslo Clique resposnible for the "Peace Process"
Martin ,   Huntingdon UK   (05.20.17)
Terje Roed Larsen, Marianne Heiberg, Gro Harlem Brundtland, Thorbjorn Jagland,Tom NBerntzen, Jan Egland, Bjorn Tore Godal,, Johann Jeogen Holst, Thorvald Stoltenberg, Knut Frydenland, Mona Juul..Not one part of the news media is friendly towards Israel, along with the foreign Ministry, the FAFO.
Norway and the UK both reward Arab terrorist murderers with a bounty fror murdering Jews. The longer the sentence, the more that is paid. to their families.
The spirit of the SS Donau continues wholeheartedly!
8. Common where is the funny bone
Kai ,   Malibu,CA   (05.22.17)
People need to chill out , the joke isn't insulting to
Jews or Muslims . I find it funny and infact is insulting
what could only be interpreted as native .
Yes Norway doesn't like Israel for the simple reason
that they don't like what is happening in the occupied territories.

9. # 8 Norwegians don't mind being occupied &invaded by Muslims
BBB   (05.28.17)
they aren't too bright.
10. who needs circumcision. beit mila is a pagan custom.
jochair thijssen ,   kfar saba israel   (06.21.18)
Danes are against playing with genitals, sounds good to me.
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