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Women warriors: a look at the all-female IDF combat battalions
Yossi Yehoshua
Published: 20.05.17, 15:47
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1. excellent
james   (05.20.17)
idf innovates and all womens battalion great idea.

israewl should quit dreaming about a herzog stype peace deal. it does not and will never exist.

instead cold arrangments are the best that can be had. israel should secure its borders and land claims which it never really has. and it along with usa sho9uld help set up a kurdistan made up of northern iraq, west syria and part of iran and pssibly part of turkey. and alliance of kurdistan, israel and usa would stabalize the peace.
2. This can work since it worked for Russia in WWII with all
Rivkah   (05.21.17)
female pilots/flight crew/mechanics. When women are in co-ed units, they disrupt male bonding that is critical for military effectiveness since troops die for their friends in a combat unit not for other reasons. So put the women in ALL female units and put the men in ALL male units in military combat units.
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