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Trump receives regal welcome in Saudi Arabia
Associated Press
Published: 20.05.17, 17:28
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1. Did kushner & ivanka walk? Because. Shabbos!
2. Ynet generates comments from folks who...... read up Ynet
Yardena   (05.20.17)
Think Ynet, and use your "delete" button for nonsensical hateful posts by folks who show illiterate traits and ignorance! Why are you subjecting others who wish to see the positive side to your editorials and comments pleasing to the spirit and the soul rather than read childish silly dumb remarks from the audience you started to attract recently!
just a thought:)
3. For those who complain Melania and Ivanka did not wear
Rivkah   (05.20.17)
headscarves, they need to read the Scriptures. LONG HAIR is a woman's glory and is given to her for a COVERING because of the angels (fallen angels who look like humans and prey on females who do not put on the whole armor of Elohim.) Melania supercedes Jaqueline Kennedy in style and bearing and foreign language abilities and that is profound.
4. The only reason for this crappy "medal"? To make them bend
to His Majesty....
5. Sloppy journalism - Saudi never on the ban list
MadDad ,   Johannesburg   (05.21.17)
Trump had no explaining to do as the Saudis were never on the travel ban list
Unlike his predecessor Trump brought hope to an American ally
Well done Mr President
6. Trump apparently a better bet at keeping the Persians at bay
Cameron   (05.21.17)
Never much of any faith in the Obama administration, but now they are falling over themselves to be truly at Trump's side & assure his favor for the years ahead.

Well done, President Trump, a signal victory on the world stage.

Now it's the Israeli turn to demonstrate gratitude.
7. 21st century Trump meets 7th century bloodthirsty barbarians
Steve Benassi ,   Minneapolis USA   (05.21.17)
8. Sorry to see President Trump bow to the Saudi King
so the chain could be put around his neck. President Trump should have sat down or stooped at the knees to be shorter than to bow a the waist. At least he didn't kneel to the king.
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