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Decisively re-elected, Rouhani defies hardliners, pledges to open Iran to the world
Published: 20.05.17, 19:38
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1. Exactly how Obama predicted
Mark Jeffery Koch ,   Mount Laurel, NJ USA   (05.20.17)
All the criticism about Obama's belief that a deal with Iran would empower the moderates in Iran were wrong. Now, all the racists who lambasted Obama have Trump to deal with who gave away Israel's vital intelligence last week to the Russians, refused to mention the word "Jews" on Holocuast Memorial Day, whose National Security Advisor refused to answer "yes" last week when asked if the Western Wall was located in Israel, and whose supporters are made up of white supremacists and anti-semites. Ah, but of course, his son-in-law is Jewish so that somehow supposedly makes Trump, whose two closest advisors, Bannon and Miller are anti-semites, pro Israel. The Israelis are going to miss Obama more than they will ever admit.
2. Plus ca change, plus........
deavman ,   TA   (05.20.17)
Don't expect anything is called good cop , bad cop method of fooling the world. They have been successful at it since 79 , no reason to chanfe.
3. Hangman Rouhani is a big con trick.He is as bad as the rest.
Alan ,   SA   (05.21.17)
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