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Trump urges fight against terror in Saudi speech
Associated Press
Published: 21.05.17, 16:13
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1. One has to love these contortionist-abilities of politicians
: to declare "terror" as being somehow disconnected from the cradle of modern terrorism, namely Islam and to do it in Saudi of all places... WOW! Trump learns fast. The court-Jews by his side add surreal feeling to the procedures.
2. He'll expect a big gold chain from you Israelis as well
Cameron   (05.21.17)
3. 21st century Trump meets 7th century bloodthirsty barbarians
Steve Benassi ,   Minneapolis USA   (05.21.17)
4. Stunning American naivety
Disillusioned   (05.21.17)
To the uninformed, this would appear to be a speech of hope and encouragement. To the informed there are glaring, dangerous and utterly naive omissions:

It is by no means just Iran funding terror, and very definitely not radical Islam. The latter honor goes to .....Saudi Arabia and Qatar. Qatar hosts the heads of Hamas and provides millions of dollars in aid to the Palestinians, who in turn hand large amounts of that to the families of Palestinian terrorists.

Saudi Arabia has for decades been funding the building of radical Wahhabi mosques all over the world. Hidden cameras reveal their teachings to be every bit as incendiary - against ALL non Muslims - as terror organizations.

Saudi Arabia regularly beheads those accused of apostasy. It severely punishes - often with death - women who are raped (considered in their culture as "sex outside of marriage" and gays.

So here we have this half-with POTUS declaring support for Saudi Arabia's undertaking to rid the world of extremism. Seriously, do they take us all for total idiots?

There is one thing the Islamic Arabs do better than anywhere else in the world, and that is taqiyyeh and its other forms of DECEIT.

Several of the countries present at this gathering of skillful liars are countries that deny entry to Jews, whose imams teach their pupils to hate and barbarously kill them.

We in Israel can now "look forward" to the same "crapiology" that we've already had from Obama: just another POTUS looking for a Nobel.

5. A liberating experience
gy11   (05.21.17)
It is a miracle.
America is breathing again freely. Free of Obama.
Saudi leaders became a breath of fresh air. They speak as one of the most honest people not only of the Middle East but the whole planet.
6. helpless bibi herzog livni and lapid
ron   (05.21.17)
watch as they all prostrate themselves before trump at the airport. this pathetic grovelling at the airport makes my stomach turn. we know bibi lay helpless in the waters of the nile after being shot,and he has been helpless ever he runs to his savior trump who will do the opposite.

israeli training is not tough enough to produce such wimps, who lack self confidence. nssrollah has more staeadinesss thatn all israeli leaders combined. bibi is pathetic.
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