Israeli ministers troubled by $110 billion US-Saudi arms deal
Published: 21.05.17, 15:14
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1. wow.
dajjy   (05.21.17)
im impressed
2. comment
C   (05.21.17)
the americans are responsible for their actions.

there is no reason to believe that the saudis would use these weapons,
admittedly enormous in quantity, against the jewih state.
should they do so, even secretly, they would lose all american support.
3. moishe rabeynu
moishe   (05.22.17)
SA cannot afford a real external war as it would destabilize the country. certainly not with Israel as it keeps certain aggressors in check and provides intelligence and security to SA. SA may not even buy full commitment. they are better BSs than Trump. there is no real peace formula in ME that would satisfy all parties. a chronic condition that must be treated but cannot be cured. skillful plans by all players will keep all players in the game and avoid major wars. like NK, it is a modern game plan unlike we have seen in the recent past.
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