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Iran extends hand to new Hamas leader Haniyeh
Roi Kais and Elior Levy
Published: 24.05.17, 16:25
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1. When Iran says 'Zionists' they really mean Jews.
David ,   Hartford USA   (05.24.17)
Isn't it curious that a country like Iran, which shares no common border with Israel, is at the forefront of the 'liberation theology?'

This has nothing to do with Zionism. It has everything to do with infidels (us Jews) winning back territory that had been part of the Dar Al-Islam, the Land of Islam. The Quran says that once land becomes part of the Dar, it can never be anything else.

So the simple fact that Israel exists is proof that the Quran is not perfect, and the nut-jobs in Iran cannot let that be. And that explains why Muslims have been murdering Jews in the Holy Land for hundreds of years, long before the State of Israel came to exist and why they continue killing Jews today.

With Iran's support of Hamas, the killing will continue. Where is the United Nations telling Gen. Qasem Soleimani to 'shut the hell up!' Their silence is troubling.

To the Hamas 'soldiers' willing to throw their lives away for a false story, stop being Iran's stooges, decide that you want to live in peace and raise your families. Iran and your leaders do not have your best interests at heart- they are using you. Get rid of your leaders and start fresh. Otherwise you doom your families to more war and more death. Is this what Allah put you on earth for? To throw your life away fighting Israel? If you think so, then you truly deserve everything that's going to happen to you.

You'll die and your family will die, your house will become a ruin, and the Iranian leaders, so safe so far away, will go home to their wives and families and sleep in their own warm beds. Are you really so stupid that you can't see this?? Get rid of Hamas.
2. You know the old saying...We dont shake his hand
Sammy ,   Newcastle   (05.24.17)
Because we don't know where its been

On second thoughts we do know where his hands have been

Blood soaked hands leaving a trail and rotting odour of death and destruction that follows the IR Death Cult EVERYWHERE

The Death Cult who relish singing the praises of DEATH and whose mayhem stretches from Venezuela to Sudan, Yemen to Iraq, Syria to Lebanon, the Gulf to Turkey, Jordan to Saudi Arabia, Palestinian Territories to Egypt...and beyond

Even Hamas don't need 'friends' like these
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