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Czech Parliament recognizes Jerusalem as the capital of Israel
Itamar Eichner
Published: 24.05.17, 21:14
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1. See Bibi: when one has cojones anything's possible!
2. Mrs should be investigated
For corruption.
3. The Czech Republic is a SHEEP nation, not a goat nation to
Rivkah   (05.24.17)
haShem. That tells me the Czech Republic will not be cast into hell like the goat nations when the Jewish Messiah takes control of the Earth.
4. Why isnt this Headlines around the world and in Israel ?!
EarthshakingNews ,   Jerusalem Israel   (05.24.17)
If true it isn't reported anywhere else this should be headlines and
the Prime Minister should be on the phone to Prague to thank him
5. WOW!! Thanks Czecks!!
BUILD BABY BUILD !!   (05.25.17)
Notice no media coverage of this wonderful news? Trump's right they are fake news and, add to that anti semitic and adored criminal obama.
The 'media' who can make up 'unnamed sources as they use the pen clumsily to attack elected Trump.
Trouble is the boy in this case the underaged 'media') crying wolf is only good for a non second then, they're dismissed completely.
6. Wow!
ERROL KRUPMAN ,   Nahariya   (05.25.17)
Thank you!!!!
7. Didn't The Czechs Supply Israel With Airplanes During 48 War
me ,   here   (05.25.17)
Didn't The Czechs Supply Israel With Airplanes During 48 War Of Independence?
They Are Wonderful People With A Wonderful Culture - Which Jews Have Contributed To For Over 1,000 Years!
8. Czechi Mauser rifles as well supplied to Israel
Martin ,   Huntingdon UK   (05.25.17)
in toime for 1948 when the rest of the world sat by
9. Dr
massie V ,   London   (05.25.17)
The decent people of the world recognises Czechoslovakia is part of Russia
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