Norway fuming after aid money used by PA to honor Coastal Road Massacre terrorist
Itamar Eichner
Published: 28.05.17, 09:39
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1. Norwegian freeloaders afraid Trum'll cancel US Marine Brigad
ab   (05.28.17)
-e earmarked for defence of Norway,country which doesn't pay its share of NATO expenses while boasting of the superhuge National Fund growing each minute
2. Ye reap what ye sow.
BBB   (05.28.17)
Norwegians loved the muslims until this? Get real
Norway and much of Europe is getting pay back for the Jews they condemned to a Nazi deaths. You invited the muslims in now try and extract them ( if you dare)
The pals have a law that insists the terrorists families be paid blood money and, America's funding exactly matches what the pals are paid, $300 million annually. Contact your elected representatives to correct this or, contact President Trump.
3. Look at the name
Ian ,   Newcastle upon Tyne   (05.28.17)
I wonder if the Norwegians have puzzled about the 'Palestinian' terrorist's name.
As far as I'm aware,the name Mughrabi reveals family origins to be in NW Africa.
So much for there being a distinct 'Palestinian' nation.

4. Furious or embarrassed
Empress Trudy   (05.29.17)
Sounds like they're mad we found out
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