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‘We will become a minority in Israel’: Six-Day War cabinet minutes released
Amir Alon
Published: 28.05.17, 23:19
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1. Never has a Nation wasted victorious war more than Children
of Abraham did in the 6-day war!
2. Begin was 100% RIGHT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Chris Rettenmoser ,   Bayerisch Gmain Germ   (05.29.17)
3. History proves Israeli right correct on ALL major issues
Chaim ,   Israel   (05.29.17)
Studying Israeli history, it is obvious the Israeli right is correct on ALL major issues. This article notes the defeatist comments of leftists after Israel's great victory in 1967. They were completely wrong. Rightists were correct.

Just as rightists are completely correct about Oslo, Disengagement, the Golan, freeing terrorists and ALL major issues. Israel's left is like a boxer who loses all his fights, a doctor who kills all his patients... completely unfit in every way.
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