Opinion  Ben-Dror Yemini
Arab leaders did plan to eliminate Israel in Six-Day War
Ben-Dror Yemini
Published: 29.05.17, 18:28
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1. Someone E mail this article to Mr Jeremy Bowen of the BBC
Alan ,   SA   (05.29.17)
3. Obviously when lobotomized by"peace" all this is meaningless
4. Not News...but fact since 1947
koose E Mack ,   NY   (05.29.17)
5. Astonishment
L Mayor ,   Penllyn   (05.29.17)
Ben Dror, with astonishment, I just read your article, in which you stated the true past (and, current) intentions of the arab/muslim savages, but, you seriously diminished the effect of your writing by, as you always do, using the enemy`s terminology to describe the Six Day War`s outcome: the "occupation". When will you wake up to understand that territory acquired in a defensive war is NOT an illegal action?
FO ,   Belgium   (05.29.17)
You wrote Ben-Dror: "There was no occupation from 1949 to 1967, but a Palestinian state wasn’t established, because the leaders of the Arab world didn’t want another state." Be serious, Ben-Dror, at that time nobody spoke about a "Palestinian state" or a "Palestinian nation". Even UNGA Resolution (a proposal as UNGA Resolutions are never binding) mentions the partition between a Jewish state and an Arab state, not a Palestinian one. The "Palestinian Nation or people" was an USSR-KGB invention of the mid-sixties to punish Israel for not having become their satellite. You write with so much dread about the surrounding Arab states willingness to annihilate the Israeli population in the past (1967). And you think they changed their mind since then
7. Arab Muslims still want to eliminate Israel
C   (05.31.17)
they still claim all of jerusalem for themselves.
they still deny jewish historical ties and jewish historical rights
to any part of eretz israel.
the islamic state is not a figment of the imagination,
and the shia terror regime still wants nuclear weapons
with the goal to annihilate the jewish state.
one should not be blinded by that sword dance
in the deserts of arabia. it was all about those weapons.
8. I bought some Nasser victory stamps
BBB   (06.01.17)
He truly believed he would win, much like Hillary.
"Dewey Wins" also comes to mind. Don't count yer chickens.
9. Oh hell, winning still beats losing
BUILD BABY BUILD !!   (06.01.17)
Any day of the week.
Arabs are natural losers preferring to lie than to fight.
10. Why is this in the Opinion section?
CB   (06.01.17)
Long suppressed FACTS of Arab intentions at genocide should be reported as front page news.
11. And we all know how that turned out. LOL
BUILD BABY BUILD !!   (06.27.17)
The Jews won in six days and took the Sabbath off to thank G-d.
12. The average Egyptian wants to eliminate Israel until now !!!
Chris Rettenmoser ,   Bayerisch Gmain Germ   (08.15.18)
13. Egypt Moses and Jesus both saved from the sword
BBB   (08.18.18)
The Holy Bible records Moses being saved from death by an Egyptian Princess as he was set free in a basket among the bullrushes and Jesus' family escaping into Egypt to spare Jesus life.
Both as infants were threatened with extermination by those who read the book and knew a Messiah of the Jews was to come.
There are other similarities yet both if these involve Egypt.
Egypt has peace with Israel.
14. Mr
Tzvi toer ,   U.K Humberside   (08.19.18)
Thank for this commentary,
We jewish here in British soil need to know that,and have a copy of the documents to show eny time to eny one .
Today every were in the world .
15. Very good article
Pedro Antonio Silva ,   Lisbon - portugal   (09.08.18)
Very good text. Congratulations to the author. Very true
History should be about facts. Not ideology.
16. Ben- Dror 100% correct
Boaz   (09.21.18)
We are the same age obviously. The words Idbah, Idbah from the arab radio stations still resonate in my ears. It means slaughter. This is what they were planning. Nothing would change the facts. They wanted to slaughter us, we won- they lost. If they raise their heads again; decapitate them
17. Israel won, that's what counts
jochair thijssen ,   kfar saba israel   (10.03.18)
It was just a repeat of the 1948 annihilation attempt by many Arab states. Israel won that one too.
18. This is News?
Ed ,   USA   (03.07.19)
Nothing new here. The news is that people are denying this well-established account. Ynet can't defeat them if it doesn't cover them--and their motives. Also, the Labor "land for peace" policy is pertinent to why Sinai and the West Bank were held. The policy was partially successful. The 1967 war was not expansionist.
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