CUNY welcomes pro-terror Linda Sarsour
Tova Goldberg
Published: 30.05.17, 12:44
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1. Ynet disclaimer at bottom implies agreement with Sarsour
Steve Benassi ,   Minneapolis USA   (05.30.17)
2. a morality lost
tiki ,   belgium   (05.30.17)
The invitation says more about CUNY than about the woman, who is just a hateful creature lying about facts & people.

This invitation proves that CUNY has lost it's moral compass.
It has lost the capability to see the difference between free speech/hate speech, education/brainwashing, good/bad, exclusion/inclusion, terror/ peace.

Except hate & divisiveness, nothing good will come out of this 'lecture'.
0 points for CUNY and their judgement.

3. Judging by the way things are: I believe it to be the future
4. Linda Sarsour
C   (05.31.17)
linda sarsour is beloved by obama and obama supporters.

she is a vulgar, primitive creature who wants to deprive women
of their female parts.
5. Lets all dance to the Islamic creep
BUILD BABY BUILD !!   (06.01.17)
Which has infiltrated every public university, political party and other non aware organizations.
Or, we can all dance to the Islamic 'shuffle.'
This isn't your daddy's Democrat Party any longer.

The Democrats have a Touretts sydrome 'leader' who can't stop swearing
co-chaired by a Muslim who can't stop envying leadership of a Protestant Christian nation.
FDR and JFK would turn in their graves
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