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1,000 days in Hamas captivity
Imaye Taga
Published: 30.05.17, 23:33
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1. Best wishes to the family
GM ,   USA   (05.31.17)
I am not sure it's because of race. It would've been the same for a poor white family on the periphery. But the author, as an activist - you can do more than that. Ethiopian community is big and you can organize big peaceful marches in big cities to get the country's attention. If your community cannot do that then maybe you should not blame everyone.
2. I will be praying for your
erin ,   usa   (05.31.17)
family member's release.
3. Irresponsible publishing
Eugene ,   Los angeles   (05.31.17)
It's honestly irresponsible to publish such a misleading article.

Anyone that does 5 minutes of research and has half a brain will realize it has nothing to do with race but everything to do with the fact that this person walked into Gaza on their own will. He was not a kid napped soldier. How is this not obvious?
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