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Palestinian power struggle threatens further Gaza power cuts
Published: 31.05.17, 09:48
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1. Hamas - just how low can they go?
Sammy ,   Newcastle   (05.31.17)
To establish ONE viable and unified Palestinian State alongside Israel an absolute PREREQUISITE is that Palestinians in Gaza and the West Bank speak with one voice It is also becoming clear that the 1999 Palestinian conceived PEG Plan for a Palestine created in an expanded Gaza is by far the best route toward Palestinian statehood and self determination But Hamas know that for that to happen they will have to share power with Fatah..but as long as Hamas regard Gaza as their own personal PROPERTY to exploit and milk and SUBJUGATE at will..they would rather perpetuate conflict with Israel and Fatah for eternity than do what is best for Palestinian aspirations May be the latest Hamas crack downs on Gaza are a sign of their desperation and THEY KNOW their NIGHTMARE days in Gaza ARE NUMBERED
2. Why does Israel support our mortal "Palestinian" foes?
Chaim ,   Israel   (05.31.17)
Let's look at the big picture here. In the first place, why is Israel the only nation, in human history, to voluntarily support its foes? Why do we empower "Palestinians" to murder, maim, terrorize and demonize us more? What is WRONG with us?
3. Israel has an opportunity
Bill ,   Skokie U.S.A.   (05.31.17)
Israel has an opportunity to win over the hearts and minds of the people in Gaza by showing that they really do love their neighbors by stepping in to the fray and providing the residents of Gaza with as much electricity as possible.
Why not give it a try? Send them fuel for their electric plant and offer to convert it to a natural gas facility instead of diesel. Show them and the world that Israel can be and is a friend! Two million people are suffering from something that they have no control over. The Hamas leadership has power 24/7 so they don't care.The ordinary people will love whoever can and will help them, Israel has an opportunity!
4. choices ......
steve s   (06.01.17)
Gazans chose Hamas. Hamas has chosen rockets, tunnels, and terrorism over civilization. Neither the PA, Israel, or Egypt are to blame. The endless "victimhood" of Gaza falls on deaf ears. Gazans are going to live and die with their choices.
5. The real criminals
arcaneone ,   mevaserrat, Israelth   (06.21.17)
Note that the annual rate of electric power charges for Gaza(about $120
million)is about one tenth what "patriots" like Meshal and Haniyah have
gouged from their people. That is what the useful idiots are making possible.
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