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Migrants from former USSR connecting to Judaism overseas
Lori Stadtmauer
Published: 04.06.17, 23:26
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1. 240,000Messianic Russian Jews migrated to central California
Rivkah   (06.05.17)
to be an example for people on how they should be and how they should live. The Messianic Russian Jews try to be noble examples of what they hope Americans can become. They said the worst problem they encountered that they did not run into in Russia were the demonic strongholds of lust and other sins that they hope to break by prayer and being good role models for the Americans to follow. They say the lust and other demonic strongholds are literally oppressive, something they did not experience in Russia. They try to live with little and be happy with less rather than to become worldly and lose their influence with the Eternal Father they hope can save Americans from their sinful ways.
2. Russian Jews "Mixed Blessing"
ManyTook$&Ran ,   Jerusalem Israel   (06.05.17)
Today there is a demographic problem in Nazareth Elite caused by the
several thousand Russian some Jews some Not who received mortgages
and Immigrant financial packages to buy homes there then sold them at a profit to ..............Arabs making Nazareth Elite 20% Arab with all the social problems that creates a city that was founded to repopulate the Galilee with Jews They then ran back to Russia or immigrated to US or Canada or Australia. Many like one in this story obviously didn't want her son to serve in the Israeli Army "we left when he was 16" thousands more married Arab men and live in Arab
towns and cities all over the country yes they brought some technology and
other professions to Israel but at what cost ? Lets praise those who
stayed suffered persevered served in the army lets not glorify those
who used Israel profited from Israel then deserted and betrayed her.
3. In Israel it's nearly impossible to reasonably connect
Michael ,   California, USA   (06.05.17)
With the Orthodox monopoly in Israel young Jews who want to connect to religion don't really have a choice but to leave the country. This kind of a monopoly is repulsive and oppressive, so what remains for these people (like those in the pictures) to do? In Canada and the US they have several choices, so it is not surprising at all that they leave Israel.
4. The elder lay minister who runs the Adventist Church in
Rivkah   (06.06.17)
Orosi, California, is from Russia. He married an American and is a great influence and prayer warrior for his flock. He is a great blessing for the community and lives on little in a house across the street from the church that is owned by the church. Thanks, Russia, for sending your best. Too bad for Russia and Israel to lose the Messianics but their blessings for the USA are welcome!
5. #2: Very Correct! Real judaism is OUTSIDE israel
ironbutterfly ,   israel   (06.07.17)
70,000 Russian jews in Canada. YES! And the number is growing day by day.
Where they're coming from ? of course from mini-quasi-state occupying the land which does not belong to israel.
6. "Migrants"??? Is that the term de jour?
Dan ,   Auckland   (06.09.17)
I suspect this bigoted, "we lurve the alyah, just not the olim" attitude is what drove them away in the first place. The stories about "diplomas bought in a corner store", the patronizing attitude, the jokes about "easy natashas" coming to the post office and asking to buy a "bul-bul" on the radio no less, all that disgusting behavior forced them to seek a place where they will be a bit more respected and appreciated. Israel's loss is everybody else's gain.
7. M Messianic Jews fm Russia in central California: source?
Mariano ,   S.Pasadena,CA   (07.03.17)
this q. is for Rivka...don't know where you write from but for someone in southern California - I am curious as to where you got the figures on Messianic Jews... I used to live in central California and still visit there often...Anyways as far as the new alliances brewing in the Middle East we may yet remain pleasantly surprised. An end to the Islamic regime in Iran? I for one doubt it...
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