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Tears at the Western Wall, tanks in the Old City: New images of Jerusalem liberation
Yaron Druckman
Published: 05.06.17, 23:29
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1. Enjoy it while you can
Rich ,   Toronto   (06.06.17)
because Israelis are destroying their own habitat with capitalism. It‘s a good possibility that there will be no people in Israel by 2050. Burning fossil fuels into the atmosphere for profit will alter the reality - no water, no food and not enough air to breadth.
2. i was there
mursi   (06.06.17)
i could not walk i lost my sandal i had only sandal i had no camera or plane or gun
3. Missed Opportunites empty areas filled with Arabs after war
StupidLeaders ,   Jerusalem Israel   (06.06.17)
Looking at many of the photos it can be seen all the vast empty
areas around Jerusalem that could have been settled with Jewish
neighborhoods instead mistake after mistake was made allowing
tens of thousands of Arabs from the Hebron area to move
in and settle on the Mount of Olives Silwan Abu Tur the Old Cityand
dozens of other neighborhoods that are now off limits for Jews
to even walk through "The battle was won but they lost the
war "
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