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Arab powers sever Qatar ties, widening rift among US allies
Reuters, Ynet
Published: 05.06.17, 19:08
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1. Very good move. Qatar talks out of both sides of its mouth.
Alan ,   SA   (06.05.17)
It is a very treacherous little multi billionaire gas state.The Arab Allies are doing the right thing by making it step in line. Never mind Al Udeid USA base. There are many other places for a base. It has entertained the Muslim Brother gangs long enough.
2. At last - it's about time
MadDad ,   Johannesburg   (06.05.17)
Qatar has been silently promoting the Muslim brotherhood
agenda through its investment in news outlets
such as Aljajeera and others
Trump must wake up and see the threat Qatar poses
and move their naval base
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