Netanyahu pledges Israel will never give up Golan Heights
Ahiya Raved
Published: 06.06.17, 22:42
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1. Golan is sovereign Israeli territory
C   (06.06.17)
jewish historic ties to the golan date back to before the birth of jesus.

the attempt by european colonial powers to delineate a rump jewish
state must be reversed.

the muslim invaders must not be given another chance to shoot their
missiles from the golan into the populations of the jewish state.
FO ,   Belgium   (06.07.17)
The Golan Heights N E V E R were part of Syrian real estate. The Golan Heights were an integral part of the Mandate for Palestine, the territory to become the Jewish Independent State. The British Mandatory in a treacherous way breached Article 5 of the Mandate by ceding the Golan Heights to the French Mandate of Syrian, as thanks, for having accepted to move Mossul (and its oil fields) from Syria to Iraq under British Mandate. But this the PM will never tell you. Under pressure of the Left, this part of history must remain classified!
3. Centurion
zznhl   (06.07.17)
That tank is a bit old! It's left over from 1973, and was used by us since then for target practice.
Don't we have any newer tanks to show, ones that actually work and show our unfriendly neighbors that we really do have deterrents?
4. Golan Height is Israel's forever.
Chuma Nnabuihe ,   Enugu-Nigeria   (06.07.17)
The Israel that God promised Abraham,stretch down to river Euphrates.Keep moving forward Israel.
5. Deri is a comedian,,,,,,,,
150 months x 9 children = 112 years to pay off for your children apartments,either deri is to be the longest working shas pensioner
or he took the donors cheques to the money lenders?
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