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Hamas 'shocked' by Saudi demand to Qatar to cut ties
Associated Press
Published: 07.06.17, 14:12
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1. Hamas must realise there is a new wind blowing in M E
Alan ,   SA   (06.07.17)
T G Pres Trump won the USA Elections. Can anyone imagine another 8 yrs with Obama running ME politics with Hilary as marionette. Obama is the only ex President who didn't ride into the sunset ,but hung around 2km from White House (because his daughter was still at school-LOL) He rented that house when the belief was that Hillary would win! Maybe he thought he could be the Secretary of State in Hillary's Administration . Why not?

Good luck to Mohammad Bin Salman Minister Jubeir (who is NOT a royal) but a highly experienced F M and the other Prince.Also to Pres Al Sisi.
2. over and over ........
steve s   (06.07.17)
Palestinians fan the flame of victimhood ........ over and over. It looks like the endless flow of financial support is being cut off. I suppose Iran, North Korea, Russia, Turkey, or Sweden could step up financially.
3. There is No palestine
BBB   (06.07.17)
and wont be no matter how hard these idiots insist on lying.
Time to pull up the stakes and return to being the Arab trailer trash everyone knows the Arabs 'pals' are.
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