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‘It was like nursing my own son’
Yael Friedson, Elior Levy
Published: 07.06.17, 20:04
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1. Stupid Israeli
Oleg ,   Florida Usa   (06.07.17)
Would a Muslim woman would do the same to a Jewish baby. You know the answer already. No No No. To Israelis and Jews alike stop doing stupid things.
2. Beautiful story
moriah ,   Mazkeret Batya Israe   (06.08.17)
This woman is truly a light unto the nations. The positive response from women across the nation gives me hope for peace. If only the women were in charge of both governments!
3. to koose e mack and oleg
moriah ,   Mazkeret Batya Israe   (06.08.17)
Many healthcare professionals in Israel are Arab! And they perform with kindness and professionalism and compassion as we would expect any other healthcare worker. They are to be commended for their dedication in a society that sees them as second class citizens. Live here and get the full picture. You'd be surprised.
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