Haley: 'UN was being such a bully to Israel, because they could'
Elisha Ben Kimon
Published: 07.06.17, 22:00
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1. No s..t?! Because "money talks and BS walks"?
Perhaps the UN , the nations ,will one day understand a simple and eternal truth ?; He who blesses Israel will be lessed , he who curses Israel will be cursed . Why is that so difficult to understand ??
You can bully Israel , or try to bully , all you want but it will not get you anywhere ,I promise you that.
4. Just read this lady's CV on Wikipedia.Better choice for Pres
Alan ,   SA   (06.07.17)
of the US than Hillary and her Democrat whiners

Thank you Niki for everything you do for USA and Israel and may G-d bless you always.
5. Why the UN is the most dangerous organization in the world
Chaim ,   Israel   (06.07.17)
Israel and Jews owe a huge debt of gratitude to Donald Trump and Ambassador Haley. It is unfortunate leftist Jews are too stupid to know the difference between their friends (like Trump) and enemies (like Obama).

Ambassador Haley is 100% correct about the U.N. bullying Israel because it could. The U.N. is a Jew hating, terrorist and tyrant loving organization that should be shut down immediately.

Even worse, the U.N. plans to use the hoax issue of "man made global warming" as an excuse to establish a world government and ultimately rule the world. Beware of the UN. It is the most dangerous organization in the world.
6. U.N., initials for Un-Needed.
Brad   (06.07.17)
7. BN grins like a bully who 's been told he is bullied
epo   (06.08.17)
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