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‘Kushner is Trump’s pet Jew'
Elad Zeret
Published: 09.06.17, 12:08
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1. ‘Kushner is Trump’s pet Jew'
Lazerbenabba ,   London, England   (06.09.17)
Having a brain and being clever does not necessarily equate with common sense nor dare I say it being a rabid left wing apparatchik with the ignorance of believing that their opinion of Israel and the additional cloistered belief by the the US Jewish younger generation must also be right.
The statement that J Street and the 2 state solution is a given shows clearly their lack of understanding of the Israel and Arab conundrum.
The reference to Kushner may or may not have relevance and bore very little input in the article but was merely an excuse to maintain a diatribe against Israel and attempts to justify the US Jewish in the main contempt for its independent stand against the idea of US hegemony over that nations politics.
2. What do those 2 know?Trump is doing a great job re peace
Alan ,   SA   (06.09.17)
Remember what Obama did to Israel.Remember the many billions of $$$ Obama gave to Iran. Remember that infamous UNSC "abstention" a few weeks before Trump inauguration.If Hillary was Prez today ,Israel would be shunted down the river.Can anyone compare Ambassador Nikki to the previous UNSC US Ambassador Power.
3. Two more Jews turned against their own people's rights
Steve Benassi ,   Silver Bay, MN USA   (06.09.17)
4. So Trump has pet Jew in law, pet Jew lawyers, pet Jew
Steve Benassi ,   Silver Bay, MN USA   (06.09.17)
accountants, pet Jew at Treasury, pet Jew economic adviser
5. Ignorance.
Daniel   (06.09.17)
SO much ignorance from these people. Jews were urban because it was forbidden to own any land. "Jews should have been given Berlin as a city state" after the Shoa ? That's another great idea. These fools live in Berkeley which is a town of 100.000 people who live in a cultural bubble. Kids who have grown up there are not to be trusted.
6. Another bitter end of a Jewish Assimilationist nothing new
WhoTF#cares! ,   Jerusalem   (06.09.17)
7. What an obtuse mutually self-absorbed couple.
Zippy ,   Levittown, NY   (06.09.17)
8. OMG! He doesn't feel safe in America! (But CA is ok....)
David ,   Hartford USA   (06.09.17)
Such pathetic bilge. Don't 'feel safe' in America? Then move to Ramallah and see how you feel. Useful idiots, even soul-searching useful idiots, just don't seem to understand that Israel is an affront to Islam.

Why has Islam been attacking Jews since the days of Mohamed? The State of Israel argument is just a smoke screen to hide ancient Islamic Jew hatred. The Quran codifies it and almost every Imam preaches it. To Muslims, the Quran is the 'perfect' book, just as Mohamed is the 'perfect' man. That book is not kind to Jews (or Christians or any non-Muslim) and history proves that Muslims read it and follow it to the letter.

These two lost sheep should seriously consider moving to any Arab city and see how they are welcomed. Then let us hear how 'safe' he feels.

Boy, movie stars and writers are so full of themselves that they believe we actually care what they have to say. All I have to say to them is this: "Isn't that interesting. You're an idiot and haven't begun to understand the historical basis for what's going on. Stick with fiction, the real world eludes you."
I used to take him for walkies twice a day and feed him and bathe him once a week...
CONFUCIUS ,   SAFED CHINA   (06.10.17)
That a little knowledge is a dangerous thing.....
11. Smart people turn stupid
Jack bender ,   Singer island fl.   (06.13.17)
In Israel and America highly educated and talented artists writers and academics...are losing their perspective regarding Israel ...they are blinded by a sort of moral narcissistic fever ...they actually think that if Israel did what they want....commit suicide ...they then might feel filled with moral warmth....these Jews are the stupidest Jews in the world?...
12. And it never occurred to this couple of utter fools, that it
is THEM that are victims of that generations-old, Jewish syndrome of "wanting to belong" (to anything but their own Jewish heritage &Land)? One has to journey a loooong way on the road to self-denial, to reach such dizzying heights of clueless self-love!
13. deranged leftists
david ,   new york   (06.20.17)
I hear more logical thinking from my patients on the psych ward.
14. Kushner has no influence in Israel
Tova ,   Toronto   (06.21.17)
Ivanka & Jared are good people. But Jared will not help Israel because he doesn't live there. Trump is wrong when it comes to American Jews. Trump is for Israel 100%, but like any American they do not understand Israel is a sovreign country and only the Israeli people can determine the future. And only Israel understands the evil of the Islamic world. Something that is unique to Israeli citizens. Jews outside of Israel don't understand that their lives are dependent upon Israel not America or Europe. Without Israel Jews will have no place to hide. The United States has many successful Jews. But each generation is looses their true identity. And those Jews who go to Israel even for vacation are limited. Jews who are for Israel are too few. Liberal Jews will bring down their own demise. And when the United States has terrorism as Europe. The Jews will be the first that will be attacked. The Muslins in the free world know this and will use they pity and the US government like Europe will given more protection to Muslims that anyother group of people. Jews have very little time left to be free. Israel is the only place on earth that Jews can be free. Canada is very much against Israel. Canada allow allows muslins to spread evil. Canada is more dangerous because Canada hides the evil. The US is better. because the evil is more open
15. Chabon is the anti-semitic left's pet Jew
Stephen Schwartz ,   Philadelphia   (06.21.17)
We've always had sell-outs like him, too; Jews who think that if they parrot popular opinion, they'll be spared, because they're not really like the "bad" Jews. A thousand years from now, no one will have heard of Michael Chabon, but Jews will still be the center of the human universe.
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