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Jewish terrorism is rearing its head again
Alex Fishman
Published: 14.06.17, 10:34
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1. Just a sec, folks! Don't we Jews, have right like any other
nation/peoples to our own brand of fanatics?! So cool it with the chest-beating and proclaiming that we're "no better" than the bloodthirsty Muslims. Only our Leftist Zombies are entitled to state that idiocy: that's their prerogative. I don't remember the Irish at the height of "Troubles" spitting in their own nest and announcing their "unworthiness" ....Not to mention said Muslims world over: their supposedly "peaceful majority" (rather Silent Majority) should thump their chest from morning until evening in deep shame. For some reason they just demand more "rights". Yo, don't be stupid, Yahud!
2. Good Cop JewNazi, Bad Cop JewNazi, Manipulation of World
Steve Benassi ,   Silver Bay, MN USA   (06.14.17)
Democracy for Palestine-Israel from river to sea, not just Democracy for JewNazis.
3. YNet & Shin Bet drunk on 'Champagne'
WB ,   Tel Aviv   (06.16.17)
Nobody ever proved that Jews killed the Duma baby. All evidence points to clan rivalry... and subsequent instances of this clan-related violence hasn't been reported by YNet because it doesn't conform with their assumptions and hopes that the general public is gullible and subject to manipulation.

The big problem here is that This is incitement and propaganda. Demonization no different than once found in the pages of German newspapers.

YNet and Shin Bet's troglodyte 'Jewish Section' are exaggerating, and in many cases setting up scenarios to 'prove' their conspiracy-theory claims. No balanced reporting here as there's rarely (never) any focus on the actions of Muslims in the region that occasionally cause Jews to respond (in the famous 'kick under the table' way).

We could easily live in genuine peace with our Arab (Muslim & Christian) neighbors were it not for the actions of YNet & Shin Bet. But, in Israel, defending those who work to destroy the Jewish State is allowed. This situation won't last... and it's more likely that the Left and its Shin Bet allies and provocateurs will get the worst end of the stick. Their arrogance prevents them from seeing that the majority here don't support their ideology.
4. Swastika on synagogue in Jerusalem Leftist Jewish terror ?
LeftistTerror ,   Jerusalem Israel   (06.21.17)
The Swastika drawn in the synagogue in Nahlaot and on many
other synagogues in the Jerusalem area by Arabs or extreme
Left Jews are never classed by the media as" Arab terror" the world " terror" in such cases of racist anti Israel/Jewish graffiti is never called by the
media as such...why ? Wouldn't be surprised if the latest synagogue
desecration isn't by a student from Betzelel School of Art many of whom live
in the neighborhood and already we have seen many anti Israel
graffiti posted all over that area and the center of the city. Betzelel has always been a hot bed of anti Zionism now with more Arab students
even more so. The Leftist at Betsalel can show Netanyahu hung and
beheaded but that's not "terrorism" in the eyes of the Leftist hypocritical
even more emboldened of late
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