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The first Haredi female El-Al pilot
Itamar Eichner
Published: 14.06.17, 19:21
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1. Yechud? :)
RGP ,   Haifa   (06.14.17)
Since 9/11, the cockpit on commercial airliners is locked.
Now if she's locked in the cockpit with the captain, I believe she is "ohver"
on "yechud". :)
2. Rivki Ravitz, it is immoral to overpopulate the world.
Michael ,   California, USA   (06.14.17)
How can you care so little and be so inconsiderate of us all with the 11 children you have?
3. More career women, mothers who are not there, who don't care
Rivkah   (06.14.17)
when their children need them to be home or with them at events, walking them to school and being at the school to take them home. Can't be both. My mother was a career woman, a school teacher for years, a World Book Encyclopedia saleswoman (top in Arizona in her time), always too tired when she got home to cook or go to school events or be there for the children when they needed her, grumpy at home from being stressed out. Women should choose to be mothers OR career women. Having a part time job that does not tire a woman out too much and can enable her to be with her children when needed at home or school is one thing. A career is something else that so often damages the children and leaves them scarred for life. My memories of my career woman mother is of the mother who was not there, the mother who didn't care. Living on less is preferable to having a lot but with a mother who is not where her children need her to be. Women should have careers if they give up having children who would be scarred by that.
4. Career women who choose a job over being caring available
Rivkah   (06.14.17)
loving mother and wife need to have their endorphin release level measured which is secreted when a woman looks at her child/children/husband unless that is impaired. It is what causes a woman to love her children and husband. A man must learn to love his wife and children. A women with an impaired endorphin release in her brain seeks to escape like a career to nourish her brain since children and a husband are not enough.
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