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El Al ranked most polluting airline by Heathrow Airport
Itay Blumenthal
Published: 15.06.17, 14:44
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1. Did they even examine other airlines?
Empress Trudy ,   Raleigh   (06.16.17)
I suspect not and they went straight to Jew hate like they usually do
2. EL AL is also the SAFEST airline since each plane has a
Rivkah   (06.16.17)
million dollar missile defense shield/system.
3. elal has terrible delays in flights to europe f.ex.
tomer ,   jerusalem   (06.16.17)
i do not know if elal is most polluting airline ,but the amswer from elal
seem to confirm this.
In addition elal is airline with rerrible delays to paris for example and other
destination ,without notifying passengers via e-mail or whatsapp. This i experienced and it gets worth.
4. since 2 y. London clans trying to bring down EU+US-car-maker
Since 2y. London clans trying to bring down EU+US-car-makers.. With their 'PULLUTION'-files - now they start with us..! And why: bec. they are completely bancrupt once more ! KULAM: let's wake up! +join together !
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