Palestinians to claim Cave of the Patriarchs as World Heritage Site
Itamar Eichner
Published: 16.06.17, 09:46
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1. Pals will also claim moon as heritage site
Alan ,   SA   (06.16.17)
2. Gaza a place of pilgrimage and Islamic heritage
Sammy ,   Newcastle   (06.16.17)
Where the prophet visited on many occasions to contemplate and draw his deepest inspiration that brought us Islam

A place in Gaza that Muslims around the world should celebrate and cherish

Where Hamas should act as responsible caretakers and custodians of this legacy and instead they ignore and shabbily neglect such a vital facet of Islamic narrative

Where they should be teaching and promoting Gazas unique attachment to Islam they would rather focus on war, death and destruction, corruption that brings nothing but MISERY to Palestinians

And where the PA should strive to secure THIS legacy rather than hijack the legacy of others

3. And Why Not ? ..we have not built there for 30 years !!!!
ANationOfFools ,   Jerusalem Israel   (06.16.17)
Why shouldn't they ,,,? we have not built in Hebron or Kiriat Arba
in any serious way ,the Jewish population there has been
7,000 for 30 years despite the demand for housing !!!! Add to this yet another law to be passed that" we will not divide the capitol of the nation and the Jewish people". When Arabs see all this indecision over such major Jewish sites is it any wonder they don't take out presence here seriously ?
This indecision cause many Jews here to sit on their suitcases seeing a leaderless nation vacillate over the sovereignty of its two most important
national and sacred cities. Israel make up your mind are we a nation
or not ?!. No wonder the Arabs see this weakness as a sign of eventual
victory who could blame them ?!
4. Can't be a problem
tiki ,   belgium   (06.16.17)
When the "Palestinians" will declare that the sky above Tel Aviv is in fact Palestinian airspace, UNESCO will approve.

When the "Palestinians" will claim that he Knesset used to be the an historical Palestinian site, UNESCO will approve.

When the "Palestinians" will claim that all Israeli's are in fact "Palestinians", UNESCO will approve.

Judaism is in fact Palestinialism, no problem for UNESCO.

Whatever "Palestinians" say, UNESCO will approve.

Problem for UNESCO & the "Palestinians" won't change a thing for the Torah, the Bible & their own Koran say something completely different.
5. Well if that Doctor hadn't massacred people there....
Alma Libre ,   Israel   (06.16.17)
then we would be in far, far better position to claim it! Now wouldn't we?

BTW, Temple Mount. We'd also be in a far, far better position if Prime Minister Mr. Sharon hadn't gone up to Temple Mount. Because. word. the day before he went up, I as a Jew was able to enter the mosque and Dome of the Rock.

But hey! Sadly, Right Wing aggressive rhetoric and behaviour is what we are all stuck with! The Israeli Right Wing = insecurity and stupidity at it's best!
6. moisherabeynu
moishe   (06.16.17)
false claim by false religion. god must be laughing.
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