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The wave of terror surges on
Ron Ben-Yishai
Published: 17.06.17, 19:34
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1. Wishy washy Ben Ishai
Steve Benassi ,   Silver Bay, MN USA   (06.17.17)
2. quit crying about it
ian   (06.17.17)
herzog announces we are in a terror wave. his prescription-separate, hide behind fences. and run from east jerusalem and most of west bank. thern life will be fun. and the experience of terror increasing in gaza would happen from west bank, ignore it, life will be fun.

what a pathetic weakling!!
3. you have to read this to beleive it
harold   (06.17.17)
bibi demands abbas and UN condemn arabs killing israeli is cheap. israel can undertake actions that have effect;not this endless begging of abbas to do this or that.terror operatives are sensitive about their families. get the message.

i would bibi out of leadership, open it up for saar, and others including barkat, bennett and feiglin to replace bibi. then you would get some action with teeth.

instead israeli is left with this weak bs artist.
4. Ben Yishai sounds like he wants terror to continue.
Rich ,   Toronto   (06.18.17)
Just loves it! Now it justifies more violence in Israel. No peace for Jews in the Holy Land. According to the 2017 Global Peace Index Israel is in 144th place for peaceful living. Horrible! The US is 114th place for peaceful living - also not good. But Canada is in 8th place in the world! Something is definitely wrong with Zionism and the love that Jews have for each other.
5. "Maybe not a full blown intifada".
Brad   (06.20.17)
Nevertheless, it requires a full blown Israeli response.
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