BBC recants, apologizes for misleading Jerusalem attack headline
Itamar Eichner
Published: 18.06.17, 11:56
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1. bbc makes token gesture to conceal anti-israeli bias
tom ,   toronto   (06.18.17)
so after changing the headline, the first line of the story still reads:

"Israeli police have shot dead three Palestinians after a deadly knife attack outside the Old City of Jerusalem, in which a policewoman died."

they still can't bring themselves to call the fakestinians terrorists, plainly and simply, or to say that they murdered a policewoman, just that she "died". compare that to the bbc's coverage of the terrorist attack in london:

"Eight people were killed in central London when three attackers drove a van into pedestrians on London Bridge and launched a knife attack in Borough Market on Saturday, 3 June.
The attackers were shot dead by officers, who arrived on the scene of the attack within eight minutes."

what a difference, and what a disgusting display of bias.
2. Wait until/if Corbin becomes the PM.
Alan ,   SA   (06.18.17)
3. "Crockadile Tears" enginered dogmatic blind hate of Israel
InBBC'sDNA ,   Jerusalem Israel   (06.18.17)
The BBC has been social engineering the public to be Anti Israel for
decades the "exotic Arab" captured the British Psyche a century or more
ago add the billions of Arab Oil Money connections that hold up the
British Economy and a country with a centuries old history of persecution]
of its Jews the first to make Jews wear and ID the first pogrom York
the first expulsion of Jews 1290. With intermitant breaks it has always
been there. Have a conversation in any pub and see where it leads
" Israel and then .....the Jews' They use "Tactical Omission " of facts
to get off the bias charge. Their major Tour Program features a
Simon Reeve who makes no attempt to hide his pro Palestinian
bias wherever he goes in the world India China South America
out comes his Palestinian Kaffiya wrapped around his neck ( ditto
US PBS tour guide the Anti Israel fervent Lutheran/boycott church
member Rick Steeves now enthusiastically celebrating the 500th
birthday of the Anti Semite Martin Luther.) Don't take your
eyes off the BBC it apologizes crawls back into the straw like
a snake and waits for the next strike BBC insidious and deliberate
dogmatic spreader of Israel hate.
4. Are some BBC editors adding disinformation..
rr   (06.18.17)
to ally themselves with SputnikNews and Al Jazeera?

Good job.

We need Trump people in their editorial offices.

5. Interesting the Hebrew YNET doesnt have this story
Ynet4EnglishONLY? ,   Jerusalem Israel   (06.18.17)
I have noticed that many stories on the English YNET site never
appear on the Hebrew YNET site
Couldn't they be correlated ? Even the comments could be
integrated translated into Hebrew , sometimes outsiders
see things differently and from a different perspective than those
too close to the subject
6. mr
mario ,   Porat   (06.19.17)
Next muslim attack in London were 10 or more people (out of the attackers) will die, the international press should write " two muslims die at terror attack in London".....
Anyway the idiots progressists journalists still don't see whats going on in Europe..and not only in Europe....
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