IDF activity increases as Ramadan winds down
Rotem Elizera, Yoav Zitun & Itamar Eichner
Published: 18.06.17, 13:23
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1. Ben Gurion wanted to" take down those Turkish Walls"
SealTheGate ,   Jerusalem Israel   (06.18.17)
Ben Gurion said he saw no problem in taking down the walls of
the Old City they were only 400 years old and Turkish
The Jaffa Gate walls were knocked down in 1898 to make way
for the Kaiser of Germany to enter on his carriage the New
Gate dates from 1880's a hole punched in the wall to make
easy access for Christians to new schools outside in fact
most of the churches that dot the Old City and Mount of Olives
only date from the 1840's to 1912 Dormition Abbey Mount Zion
Ascension Russian Orthodox Mount of Olives 1877
all built by Anti Semitic European rulers as Jews did not have the power to build monumental religious structures though they were the majority in the Old City so the Damascus Gate 1538 could be sealed and let
the Palestinians enter by the "Flower/Herod,s Gate" further down the
wall . There should also be a police station a permanent building
in that area like the one at the Jaffa Gate where you almost
never ever see attacks Israeli presence in that area might go
a long way to stopping it being a Moslem Suicide Site Icon.
2. israel justice unequal for the average person
marv   (06.18.17)
the courts look the other way when it comes to high officials. the recent classified inforrmation controversy should befully invesigatated before olmert has an early parole release hearing. instead the hearing is going ahead before the controversy is fully resolved. misusing classifield inforation is serious but the judge in the case looked the other way.

it stinks to high heaven.
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