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Israeli celebrity chef urges Americans to feed hungry Israeli schoolchildren
Published: 18.06.17, 21:55
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1. Disgrace
Mr Joel ,   Israel   (06.20.17)
This is a disgrace. If there is a need why cant they raise the funds in Israel. 2 million Israelis vacation abroad every year. Tons of Israelis invested in apartments in Berlin, London, NYC and Texas. There are booming sales of luxury cars in Israel. Plenty of Israelis are rich in fact Israel is ranked in the Top 10 for per capita millionaires (almost 5% of the population has the equivalent of 1m USD exclusive of their primary home. You can Google this. Bloomberg covered this a few months ago - lots of private wealth management. Any so called poverty (and many orgs have a self-interest on reporting) can be addressed by Israelis NOT Americans.
2. Lies
Aviva ,   Modiin   (06.21.17)
There is no hunger this is an attempt to scam people for donations. The malls are packed, kids have smartphones, teens go to the Greek islands for parties, this so called hunger is a lie. The reason is these amutot ("non profits") get money and the managers get high salaries and free travel for overseas fund
raising trips.
3. About Haredim
Aviva ,   Modiin   (06.21.17)
They too are NOT hungry. Go to the Haredim paper Yetis Newman and see all the ads for vacations in Switzerland, Germany, Italy, etc. Also there are tons of ads for investing in real estate both here in Israel and abroad.
So like the first person wrote below, even if there are those in need and I highly doubtful that, there is no need for anyone to collect from the USA there are many Haredim who can help their colleagues. But there is no hunger and that is why these organizations solicit abroad because we who live here no the truth and wouldn't give because we know there is no hunger.
4. The haredi are not to blame...
Elisheva   (06.26.17)
I am a teacher in Israel and I can tell you what's really going on. The reason children are hungry has nothing to do with the birthrate. In a lot of cases, the hungry children have cellphones and their mothers have beautiful hairdo's. It has to do with a set of priorities that is all messed up. I am not saying these children's problem should be ignored because they have dumb parents.. but we should know the truth. These children do not come from religious families or big families ...
oleg ,   Florida USA   (08.08.17)
Its not true. Nobody is hungry in Israel. Bread and butter and potatos are food too. When I was growing up in Israel in 1960's and 1970's that's what we ate. Eating eggs or meat was a luxury. The schools did not feed us. I was healthy and happy.
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