Beit El settlers slam Netanyahu: 'He's acting like Erdogan, lying to us'
Elisha Ben-Kimon
Published: 19.06.17, 15:42
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1. Note to politicians
BUILD BABY BUILD !!   (06.19.17)
Keep your promises or your replacements will.
Seems both Trump and Netanyahu are both bitten by the same bug,
promise them everything then renege.
Always remember to keep your promises.
If G-d had forgotten there'd be no Israel.
2. Jewish patriots manipulated like battered spouses by Bibi
Chaim ,   Israel   (06.19.17)
Its the same old story. Bibi promises to build and follow a patriotic agenda. He reneges. Again, Bibi promises to build and follow a patriotic agenda. He reneges. Repeat ad infinitum.

Yet Jewish patriots keep electing Bibi to lead Likud and Israel again and again and again. Jewish patriots are manipulated like battered spouses by Bibi. They keep coming back to him and believing his ridiculous lies.

The old adage, "Fool me once. Shame on you. Fool me twice. Shame on me", applies to Jewish patriots. Instead of being fooled yet again by Bibi, vote for someone more courageous and honest to lead Likud and Israel.
3. netanyah little white lies
geroge   (06.19.17)
of course bibi fibs when it comes to settlements and peace deals. look at what he was apparently agreed to before talks fell though.he is no different than herzog.

between accepting if true many fancy cigars from friends, to doing next to nothing in the gaza wars and then most recently offering livni a foreign ministry post and we know what she is all about, bibi has only 2 concerns-staying in power, and not betraying the security of israel.

because of the weakness of lapid and herzog, bibi continues in power. Yet because bibi is insecure in himself, he betrays israeli security most of the time.

bennett is so much more capable than bibi, it is hard to fathom how the electorate can still vote for bibi.barkat, feiglin would be much more deciisve.

finally, i once read letters from yoni, bibi's brother. It was the same thing-hold on for another few minutes, the same old indecision and nervousness.

nasrollah has more leadership in his finger than all of bibi.
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