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Man in Paris attack on police vehicle dead
Associated Press
Published: 19.06.17, 17:30
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1. The Motive Is Unclear, ONLY to Leftist-Liberals!
Robert Blum ,   New Albany   (06.19.17)
Muslims destroy the infra-structure of every host country that allows them in. They suck the welfare system dry. They terrorize and murder Jews all over the world, as it is dictated that they do so in the despicable Quran, the ultimate book of HATE, by Mohammed, who they refer to as a "Prophet", who never prophesied anything, in order for the 'Caliphate' to be established.
Nothing stated herein is slander. Slander is when somebody states lies as if they were facts. So study up Leftist-Liberals, and contribute to saving your Muslim-infested, respective countries from Islam, that would replace you violently, by conversion, or by any other means.
2. French stupidity or just political correctness?
Alexander ,   Tel Aviv   (06.19.17)
"Brandet said bomb squads were still securing the scene. He said the attacker APPEARED to have acted deliberately."

No, of course it wasn't deliberate. The driver was just driving a car carrying explosives into a police convoy by mistake. Every single day people carry explosives in their cars and ram them into police convoys. It was probably a misunderstanding, he was dunk, it's a "freak accident", he's mentally retarded, he couldn' read the traffic signs, he was blind, he's a minor etc.

Just waiting for the excuses.
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