Hundreds in Jerusalem demand justice for Yemenite children
Yael Friedson
Published: 21.06.17, 22:21
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1. Gone on for way too long
Talula ,   Tel Aviv   (06.22.17)
It's about time someone in the government grows a pair and lets these families know what happened. It's abhorrent and vile not to tell them - they need to know what happened to their children. How could such a thing happen in a country that was built from the death of 6 million people. TELL THEM WHAT HAPPENED TO THEIR CHILDREN!!!!!!!
2. Also demand justice for Oslo victims of criminal negligence
Chaim ,   Israel   (06.21.17)
It is way past time for kidnapped Yeminite children and their families to receive justice. We should also demand justice for thousands of maimed and murdered Oslo victims, who suffered horribly due to the criminal negligence of the Labor Party and its leaders.
3. Paqid (
Yirmeyahu ,   Raanana   (06.22.17)
And expose ALL those responsible. WAY overdue!
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