Terrorism is winning in Europe
Nadav Eyal
Published: 23.06.17, 23:46
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1. this really is the new European norm
Cameron   (06.24.17)
The decision by Merkel & other EU elites to throw the gates wide open to an endless flood of 3rd-World migrants has sealed the fate of Europe.

Catastrophic consequences.

Let us not forget that friendly Europe massacred millions of its peaceful jews some decades ago ,and also over the centuries. Europeans regarded their jewish population as a problem ,so now The Almighty is showing europeans what a real problem looks like. As they say , G-d pays debts without the euro , in other words ,inthe past ,europeans hated their jews and today they have muslims instead,and to europeans I say: ENJOY .
It does not take a genius to see that one day soon ,europeans will be nostalgic for the good old days when their biggest worry was the jews.
5. "Moderate Islam" is a willful lie perpetuated by the Lunatic
Left. By now everybody should be able to comprehend that. Sadly, even here, portions of Western societies are blind to the fact.
6. Elemnt'ry Watson: Europeans hate Jews more than they love
their own freedom/independence, (or so it seems.) Worry not though: once they realize they've been had by their own Euro-Union governments, they'll quickly come to the conclusion that it was Jews, once again, who sold them to the Unionist ideals of "multiculturalism". Just like always, it'll be us, you can bet your last $ (sorry:Eu) on that!
7. 'Victory will only be achieved.......
tiki ,   belgium   (06.24.17)
When EU governments start to be serious and prove they mean business! Stop to pamper Muslims!
Stop to be afraid of Muslims!
Stop mosques & schools preaching hate!
Stop Muslims praying in the streets!
Stop internet hate speech & demo's!
Stop halal meals in public schools!
Stop Muslims writing your agenda!

If a government wants it can do a lot of things, but things have gone from bad to worse for the governments keep finding excuses for doing nothing!
8. The author is willingly ignorant.
Brad   (06.24.17)
Muslim "communities" will not reject jihad. The Koran tells Muslims to emigrate and perform jihad. That means they're supposed to go to other countries and raise enough hell so that the country becomes Islamic. That's why those Muslims are in Europe (and the U.S.A.) in the first place. Why would they reject their purpose for being there? There is no such thing as moderate Islam, or radical Islam. There is only Islam.
9. Active Measures Operatives Smiles
Such an article creates a fog.

The truth should be well known expecially in Israel.

The Russian State has been weaponizing the Islamic - Arab world for more the 70 years.

Israel wake up. The enemy is the Russian State.
10. Like Rome " a malaise set in" i.e no one cared anymore
DangerWorldWeary ,   Jerusalem Israel   (06.25.17)
One of the reasons suggested for the decline of the Roman Empire was a
sort of "malaise" people became "world weary" and didn't care anymore
corruption violence decadence as well as poisoning lead poisoning and
Malaria through the aqueducts ( todays drug culture is a form of poison )
Many millions of young people somehow into the drug culture don't
bother to vote that's a fact and a sort of malaise 2.3rds of French
young people see no value in marriage and children to continue
the human race and waiting in the wings are now as then in Rome
the "Barbarians" hungry and bodily healthy that brought to the world 4 centuries of the "Dark Ages"
11. Muslims communities won't reject, they cannot
Avi L.   (06.25.17)
Muslims communities won't reject jihad, they simply cannot, don't want either.

Small scale terror attacks will become the every day reality, police state will be the consequence.

Loss of freedom, loss of privacy will follow, less transparency and democracy will follow, special "temporary" emergency laws will pass.

Thanks to the cowardice, greed, uselessness of european governments who chose the easy and financially rewarding way of closing both eyes to the islamist encroaching onto the Western civilization.

In some countries the image of a muslim woman is always veiled, be it on advertisings, governments leaflets, media.
You cannot see a secular muslim woman, governments, media all broadcast a standard "islamically correct" hijabed woman,

To further the separation between muslims and the countries they live in, governments talk to "head of communities" as if still in some Raj, in some colonial situation where the State deals with already existing "tribes" reinforcing those selfdeclared "leaders" power over their alleged flocks.

And then they play being astonished and scandalized when people vote for some "alternative.
12. BTW terrorism is not winning
Avi L.   (06.26.17)
BTW terrorism is not winning, it is terrorizing
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