Breaking the Silence activist questioned over testimony
Elisha Ben Kimon and Tova Tzimuki
Published: 23.06.17, 15:09
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1. I hope all soldiers who brake the law will face consiquences
DOV ,   USA   (06.23.17)
2. Am I the only one who feels this country is sliding into
shachalnur ,   amsterdam   (06.23.17)
pure Fascism?

How long before you peeps will start eating eachother ?

Any idea how sick this country has become?

How are non-Israeli Jews supposed to look at and support this disaster?

What about allowing permission to every Jew that wants to leave this nightmare ?

oh wait,over a million Jews in Israel will get no permission to leave,like in the good old days,(1930's Germany)

3. Shaked supports abuses by Israel and it isolates the country
Michael ,   California, USA   (06.24.17)
Israel needs support in the world to survive. Democracy and high moral standards attract support while abuses of occupied population add up to rejection. Israel has been suffering from rejection for a very long time due to its abuses. The rejection is growing stronger every year. Time for Israelis to vote in a government which will recognize country's faults and weaknesses. It's time for a major change.
4. Issacharoff’'s father = Netanyahu's #2 diplomat at MFA
This is a seriously right wing family. Why are they picking on this kid?
5. trials? jail time? make up your minds!
Sally Forth ,   Israel   (06.24.17)
If the IDF soldier's name is ELOR AZARIA then you want kid gloves hero treatment.
But if the IDF soldier's name is related to "Breaking the Silence" then you want the book thrown at him/her!
Make up your minds because your hypocrisy is SERIOUSLY showing!

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