Opinion  Ron Ben-Yishai
In state of panic, Syrian army tosses rules of caution aside
Ron Ben-Yishai
Published: 25.06.17, 16:23
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1. Search for good solution
USA, Israel, most Arab States wasted time, and the war has escalated.

Russia must be removed from the area.

Jordan, Israel, USA must reevaluate the Syrian war,

The intelligent Syrians must gain control, and restore civility.

2. So let them take the road to Damascus
Jackieboy   (06.25.17)
They may have a conversion. Actually they should convert their hard and fast demand that the regime has to go. A nice partition could make for a chance of peace. As long as they don't turn on Israel.
3. there will be no retaliations
zionist forever   (06.25.17)
Assad is not stupid enough to retaliate to something like this because the last thing he wants is for things to escalate and he will be having to fight Israel as well.
After Israel bombed his nuclear reactor in 2008 he wanted a diplomatic solution so he could save face but not take on Israel so if he is not going to retaliate to something as serious as that there is no way he is going to retaliate to this especially considering how unlike in 2008 he is now fighting for his survival.
IRANIAN JEW ,   LALA LAND   (06.26.17)
there will not be peace for Assad and his masters. Anyway, the show in Syria is created by Russia in order to milk the mullahs fro guns. If they atrat the fight with Israel, they know fight is going to be over very very soon.
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