Opinion  Ben-Dror Yemini
Europe must stop funding demonization of Israel
Ben-Dror Yemini
Published: 26.06.17, 10:26
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1. Why?
Empress Trudy ,   Raleigh   (06.26.17)
Shouldn't Ynet have some competition?
Keep defying Hashem with your stupid Pride parades and enjoy the consequences , yet more condemnation and demonization .
Europe does not like the jews and never has ,therefore they naturally also dislike the jewish state of Israel. So why expect otherwise ?
5. European morality
tiki ,   belgium   (06.26.17)
Israel wouldn't allow demonstrations in it's capital Jerusalem with slogans of destroying a European country and killing all it's 'filthy' people.

Our peace loving and moral 'friends in the EU do! We can all enjoy the protests calling for the death of Israel & it's people with many moral politician in the forefront marching along together with peace seeking students.

Doing business with Iran who has made this goal a priority doesn't have any moral implications for our western friends.

None of these western friends would think about 'taking risk or starting a 'peace process with al Qaida or IS, the very same thing they demand from Israel to do with the 'moderate Abu Terror from 'Palestine.

"Hamas/Hezbollah are not terror organizations, Abbas & Iran are moderate, the UN impartial and Israel the villain & child killer."

It's time for change..
6. Well written and cogent analysis
Stan ,   Baltimore, MD   (06.26.17)
Thank you for a thorough and excellent analysis of the problem, along with practical solutions that should be implemented by the Israeli government. There are reasons for optimism, as explained in the evolving policies of individual European countries and the EU. Too bad Germany is lagging others in its willingness to recognize the deleterious impact of its funding.
7. This time Europe will fall by itself
Chaim ,   Israel   (06.26.17)
In the past, whenever Europe was falling, it made sure to drag Jews down with it. Once again, Europe is falling to the Muslim invaders they are too cowardly to resist. However, this time Europe will fall by itself. It will not drag Jews down with it.
8. One way or another,Europe will ALWAYS hate Jews. Period!
Alan ,   SA   (06.27.17)
9. Israel Is The Great Babylon Foretold Of In The NT
World Citizen ,   the world   (06.27.17)
And as such it will fall because of its own pride and corruption. BDS will continue as a movement to let the world know of your crimes against the Palestinian people and the world.
10. 80 years after Holocaust Europe is the same old Europe
PeopleDontChange ,   Jerusalem Israel   (06.27.17)
80 years ago the parents and grandparents of the current anti Israel Europeans were murdering their Jewish neighbors after 2 millennia
of religious and racist hate and slaughter what makes anyone think
that so soon these Europeans will suddenly change their hearts and
minds ..ridiculous irrational to believe that Germany is now in the
ecstatic throws of celebrating the 500th birthday of the
Martin Luther the psychotic Anti Semite festivals everywhere
choirs you name it. Germany and its lacky the European Union
are the leaders in NGO's supporting the Palestinians and the
latest news they are paying and Israeli group to forbid religious
Jewish Orthodox teachers to teach Judaism in the Secular
School system here! Hello wake up Israel-Jews Germany
is back bigger then ever.
11. Israel send all your Muslims to Europe.
BBB   (06.27.17)
That ought to do it.
BBB   (06.27.17)
13. The wrath of G-d
BB   (06.27.17)
Europe is paying for her anti semitism with rapes, robberies all Muslim.
Enjoy !!
14. #5 Tiki Europe and morality an oxymoron.
BBB   (06.27.17)
15. Europe traded peaceful brilliant Jews for violent Muslims
Chaim ,   Israel   (06.27.17)
Karma may take longer than we like but it is certain. Europe traded its peaceful, productive, creative and brilliant Jewish population for backward, violent Muslims. Europe is only starting to pay the price.
16. Israeli Media has been encouraging them for years
TheSourceOfEvil ,   Jerusalem Israel   (06.27.17)
The Israeli media has been encouraging and aiding actively the
Western nations to relegate the Jewish Homeland to
a defenseless ghetto which they believe should never have
been created using any means legal or illegal why
should we blame the poor Europeans ? Without the help
of the Israeli Leftist Media Europe would never be as successful
The ancient Hebrew mandatory daily prayers include a reference to them
" do not help the "malshaneem" (the traitors of our people)
17. Why
Jez ,   Netanya   (06.28.17)
Why. Bibi has been funding the demonisation of non orthodox Jews since he had been in power.
18. They never take them on tour of terror vicitms or sites why?
IsraelsBadPR ,   Jerusalem Israel   (06.29.17)
When these European groups come they visit flesh and blood
Palestinians they never meet flesh and blood Jewish Israeli
victims WHY ?
its not the same to discuss terrorism against Israelis while
dining at the King David afterwards these same Europeans
go to a Palestinian refugee camp what do you think has
the most emotional influence?
They pass the memorials to the Israeli victims of terror
never stopping to see or learn about them and why
are all the memorials ONLY in Hebrew and not
in the International language English as well ?
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