Israel bars UNESCO from Hebron, citing 'politicization' of holy site
Published: 25.06.17, 23:21
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1. We have created this mess by our indicisions for years
BadLeadershipSince48 ,   Jerusalem Israel   (06.26.17)
In most wars and especially here you win a war or you lose it
you dont half ass it like Israeli leaders have done over the years
Ben Gurion didn't want to offend the UN so he didn't allow conquest
of the Old City ditto 67 you cant play those games you win
you take complete control the defeated accept the results and
the Arabs would have respected us for this as this is the way
its done in the Middle East or in any war ! Stop and GO stop
and go has gotten Israel NOWHERE a nation of idiotic leasers.
2. Sovereign Jewish State bars UNESCO from its territory
C   (06.26.17)
the cave of the patriarchs is part of jewish history.

neither the unesco, nor the eu, nor the marxists, nor the islamists
can ever take away from the jewish nation their heritage.
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