A state denying its own people
Yizhar Hess
Published: 26.06.17, 23:30
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1. For once Bibi and his cabinet were right
moishe ,   golutsk   (06.27.17)
Every sentence of this stupid oped proves why the Government decision about cancelling anit-Torah section of the Kotel was justified.
2. This has nothing whatsoever to do with freedom to pray
MadDad ,   Johannesburg   (06.27.17)
If it did they would be demanding the right to pray ontop of the Temple Mount
This is a political provocation aimed at Jews and Israel undertaken by people who hate Israel
If they where so concerned about human rights to be able to prey how they want they would be demanding the right to pray on the Temple Mount and not the tiny space Jews and Israelis managed to secure for themselves
They are a bunch of hypocrites and cowards looking for a soft target with the aim of delegitimizating Israel and the Jewish people
3. Wh cares ? All these Reform etc. raised children no longer
ab   (06.27.17)
wanting to be Jews,Reform,Konservative or otherwise
4. Jewish state!!!
Yehezkel ,   Yerushalayim   (06.27.17)
Before giving a platform to someone who represents maybe a couple hundred misguided Jews, maybe ask him what he thinks Judaism is.
Masorti and all other non-orthodox "denominations" all deny the divine authorship of the Torah. In other words, they made up their own religion - pick and choose.
Israel isn't a Masorti state. It's a Jewish state.
Connection to Israel based on - guess what - the Torah! Which says quite clearly that we are entitled to the land if we keep its commandments.
What could be clearer than that?
5. great reply by Andy Levy & Cognitive Bernie
Adler   (06.27.17)
6. Israel was 85% jewish 50 yrs ago. NOW it's 70% jewish....
ironbutterly ,   israel   (06.27.17)
regardless of this and that, israel is slowly changing. From being 85% jewish in 1970s, to below 70% jewish TODAY.
There is no way to stop the process. In 20 years israel will have HALF population "jewish".
Because HAREDIM and Orthodox have taken control in israel.
Young secular jews are leaving israel for Germany, Canada, New Zealand, Venezuela, Chile, Russia, China, India.
7. We in the diaspora don't give a crap
Jackieboy   (06.27.17)
It's just the rabbits that are riling things up, for no good reason except their egos. It's they who are inciting the ignorant against Israel, so really they are worse than the PA, and should be censured for their duplicity. They really don't have any stake in the game, just power grabbing by remote control. Apparently they don't soak their congregants for enough money to live in the manner to which they have become accustomed.
8. Shanda
Jack bender ,   Palm beach fl.   (06.27.17)
Pure madness....it's bad enough that reform Jewish leadership is against Israel's survival interests ...and worse...leading Jews to assimilation where as they will be gone in the next 90 years....now they have a legitimate reaso to be against Israel.....Jews are indeed their own worst enemies
9. Obligations...
Robert Blum ,   New Albany   (06.27.17)
Men are obligated to wear Teffilin, (phylacteries) and pray in a Quorum, and to wear Religious Fringes (Tallis and TsiTsit), since men worshipped the original 'Golden Calf', and women did not, such that females are not obligated to do so.
It is NOT a sexist, condescending elimination of women. In a similar way, men are not obligated to light the candles to usher in the Holy Shabbat. Men and women have different religious obligations. For the sake of modesty and no distraction or enticement, and because of spiritual uncleanliness during physical impurity during menstruation, women are separated from men in prayer. It is not meant as a condescending act toward females. Therefore, women should NOT be allowed to pray with men at the Holy Kotel, and since every woman menstruates at a different time, they must not hold the Holy Torah in a quorum, behaving as men must. Modernity does not supersede Orthodox Jewish law. The word 'Orthodox' means correct. Anything less, such as Egalitarian or Reformed, is a mutation of convenience, and is inferior to the purity of what has been sanctified as Holy and Orthodox since Judaism began.
10. the "Wall" is the Western Wall of the Jerusalem Temple
Tor Marquis ,   La Jolla, CA   (06.27.17)
What meaning has the "Temple" to secular jews, since it is only built according to the strict laws of the Torah?
11. Sacred Cow
EileenM ,   Kiryat Ono   (06.27.17)
The government has made sure that the Kotel (the most obvious evidence of the Jewish people's connection to this land) will have no spiritual significance for the majority of Jews around the world. Leaving it to be a sacred cow for the Orthodox. I suppose as long as BIBI gets his cigars (and champagne) from the USA...he doesn't care if the rest of the money and support the USA Jews provide for the State of Israel dries up.
12. a non religious opinion.......
tiki ,   belgium   (06.27.17)
Young Israeli soldiers freed the Western Wall.
Young Israeli soldiers defend the Western wall.
Young Israeli soldiers & police protect every person coming to pray at the Western Wall.

It's not for US & diaspora Reform Jews telling Israel how to rule it's country.

Nobody is preventing them from coming and praying
Nobody is telling them what to pray or say and how to do it.

But when in Israel they'll have to obey the (religious) laws of the land and not force their opinion on others while making trouble every time they come to pray and preventing others to do so with their scuffles and loud protests.

Not every Catholic agrees with decrees from Rome but it's still in Rome, and only in Rome when/if changes are to be made.

A little bit of respect for Israel's (religious) leaders would suit them.

13. I don't understand
Howard Kane ,   Jerusalem   (06.27.17)
The sole source for any kind of holiness or other significance of the Kotel is the "Orthodox" Talmud and Midrashim. Yeah, the books compiled by those intolerant, exclusionist, black-clad rabbis. The books that the Reform and Conservative otherwise ignore.There is no Reform or Conservative Talmud or Midrash. Suddenly, they are interested in an ancient wall -- all because of what is stated in a few Orthodox books Why do they give a hoot what's written in those books?
BTW. same question can be asked of those women who insist on donning Orthodox prayer boxes. Yup, Tefillin are straight out of Orthodoxy. Why are they interested in obeying the Orthodox rabbis in these matters?
14. the children are denying their parents
C   (06.27.17)
they rant and rave when they are told that they cannot sit with
their elders.
yet they never complain when the rabbis and the state tell them
that they cannot pray on har habyit, the holy of holies.
they would never dream of insulting the arab muslim
conquerors who without any respect, without any humility,
built a mosque on top of the remnants of the two jewish
temples just to show their power and their supremacy.

what these reform jews show is their cowardice, their insecurity,
their fear.
just like the goy nations, these jews bully and harass and scream
their wants and their desires.
they kick the state in its teeth and have a tantrum just
because they are asked to move a few meters to pray.
they threaten the state with blackmail. just like the arabs,
but demand the right of return in crisis.
We visit the Kotel to get away from our demanding wives for a while , we do not want to pray alongside them ,is that so hard to understand?
17. Israel :30 Reform synagogues 10,000 Orthodox synagogues
ReformArogance ,   Jerusalem Israel   (06.27.17)
The arrogance of American Reform to intimidate and threaten
the overwhelming majority of Israelis religious and non with
cutting off funds slapping the Prime Minister of Israel in the
face by not attending a dinner planned for them is beyond
words, I suggest Israeli Orthodox Jews go to Temple
Emanuel in New York City the "Vatican" epicenter of
"reform" Judaism and bring in while services are going
on a Mehitza and a proper Tora Bima and begin to
Daven in Orthodox Tradition then you will see all
their Liberal BS fly out the window please do that
is if this 3,ooo seat "Temple" is till open for services
on Shabbat and not holding instead a Bhuddist Yoga Shabbat
in the Hamptons on the beach as many "reform" "Temples"
close for the summer their god goes on vacation along
with their "rabbis". The sooner the Cult of Reform dissapears
the healthier the Jewish world will be. Door to Assimilation this way..

ifo it
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