A lesson in hasbara
Reuven Weiss
Published: 27.06.17, 09:01
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1. Very impressive
Stan ,   Israel   (06.27.17)
Are they also defending the continuation of the occupation?
2. author
ilana berner ,   caesarea   (06.27.17)
how can you defend a country that has become an oppressive theocracy. discriminates against women. has occupied another people's land for over 50 years.and who's government is full of corruption? Israel long ago lost it's way. Israel is a failed State and should not be defended for it's undemocratic regime.
3. The terrorist P.A. is the 800 pound gorilla behind BDS
Chaim ,   Israel   (06.27.17)
It is no secret that the P.A. is the 800 pound gorilla behind BDS worldwide. The P.A. is trying to destroy Israel by every means it possibly can. BDS is one of those means. Yet the insane flow of Israeli food, money, electricity, work permits, materials, protection to the P.A. continues...
4. troll in the honey pot...
welcome back
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