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The neo-Nazi who converted to Judaism
Itay Mashiach
Published: 26.06.17, 19:51
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1. Well Done Yonatan!
Moshe ,   Berlin   (06.28.17)
Many blessings
2. the miracle from neo-nazi to jew ????
tomer ,   jerusalem   (06.28.17)
At first glance it looks like a miracle.And we love miracles,especially these miracles...
But : there is something that intrigues me. A few month ago i read somewhere that a former famous lawyer(horst mahler)r for the notorius "Baader-meinhof-group"(extreme left) has switched sides,went to hungary ,joind extreme right wing parties.
This brings me to the miracle . It looks to me like the reverse of the above example.or in short: Extreme right and extreme left ,or extreme religious and extreme secular etc are 2 sides of the same coin.
3. Mazal tov, Yonatan !
Gabe ,   New York   (03.22.18)
What an incredibly powerful story, and what a valuable message : if you educate people, and integrate them into society, the problems largely go away by themselves. Integration takes time, love, care, and must be done properly at every turn. In the case of Yonatan integration also included conversion to Judaism, but that is a personal thing between him and his soul, and not for anyone else to judge.

4. Mr
Grossmann ,   East Bridgewater, MA   (08.13.18)
Kol haKavod, Yonatan!
5. ברוך שובך לעם ישראל!
deavman ,   TA   (08.19.18)
6. What's most odd is Mr. Langer has the iPhone X notch haircut
JVC ,   LA, USA   (08.26.18)
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